Data Lakehouse and Data Warehouse

Answers to your most critical questions (Why are our enrollment numbers down? Why are we struggling with retention? Where do we allocate budgets to improve these metrics?) are somewhere in your data and external data. We help you find them. Fast.

A lot. A few capabilities include multi-source analytics without having to “join” datasets, the use of public data to better understand students, and daily, intra-day, and real-time data loading options … and that’s just a start!

InvokeClarity takes all of your data and automatically enriches it with public data sources such as weather, socioeconomic factors, crime, traffic, and unemployment along with dozens of other data sets. Then we flatten this out so it’s easily queried and ready to provide you with unprecedented insight on day one.

It’s a data warehouse + data lake, offering the best of both worlds. Data is readily-queriable, and unstructured data is easily stored and analyzed. The revolutionary capacity of InvokeClarity puts it light years beyond any data lakehouse on the market today.

Absolutely! InvokeClarity does everything your current warehouse can do and far more, quickly, efficiently, and at a very cost-effective price point.

Not a problem. Our solutions require no existing, underlying data structure to begin bringing in your internal and external data and generating valuable insights.

No. Unlike other vendors that require you to recode your data (such as accounting codes) to fit the new platform, InvokeClarity adapts to your existing coding schemes. Through machine learning, it can instantly make sense of multiple schemes from different siloes of data.

It’s a really big deal to us. Our solutions exceed EVERY security standard in the industry and meet FERPA requirements.

Our pre-built connectors allow you to easily get started with all major higher education systems. Some integrations can be set up in less than 5 minutes! It’s simple to set up Canvas, Blackboard Learn, Zoom, Banner, PeopleSoft and more.

You’re not alone! Our InvokeClarity solution is designed to fit into environments just like yours and bring your data together quickly.

No. Invoke Learning fully supports all major cloud platforms.

Applications Built on InvokeClarity

Our applications are designed specifically to help colleges and universities develop strategies to better facilitate the entire student journey. With our leading-edge tools, you’ll have a clear rationale to launch initiatives and real-time data to guide continual refinement.

Very! In fact, in less than an hour you’ll be analyzing thousands of data points and generating highly impactful insights to improve your enrollment numbers. What used to take months or years, can literally be done in minutes!

The easy answer is, we don’t. Each student is going to engage in their own way. Sometimes it’s the way you intend, sometimes it’s not. Our applications identify what engagement means for each student, generating reliable measures of how well the student is doing, to predict success, retention, etc. It’s a completely different approach that works really well … and we can prove it.

Our applications identify patterns in behavior, such as responses to policies, procedures, and learning resources, that were impossible to see before. Understanding these patterns leads to data-driven changes that can benefit individuals, groups (such as gender, race, ethnicity), and ultimately all students.

Based on research analyzing stress and anxiety indicators in language, we can automatically identify these markers and allow you to measure the stress levels across your institution. You no longer have to wait for a survey or rely on a random sampling of students. It’s completely passive and covers every student, every day!

General Questions

Access is completely customizable to your data governance guidelines. You can create and provision users as you see fit.

Don’t worry. We’ve worked with other institutions like yours to develop a framework to address concerns related to access and privacy.

Technically, we can build your solution and start delivering high-value insights in just a few days. The platform is extremely user-friendly. It typically only takes a few weeks of consultation at the most to get your users up to speed.

Our solutions are priced to be easy to cost justify. It really is the quickest, easiest and best ROI you’re going to find.