John Sheringer

JohnSheringer_Headshot.jpgJohn Sheringer

Vice President of Customer Success

John Sheringer has spent the past 24+ years fulfilling his passion for helping the teams he leads and the customers he serves achieve their individual and institutional goals from the data/analytics and education technologies they so greatly depend on. He has a deep understanding of SQL, on-prem & cloud-native data services, modern report/visualization design, and many of the platforms and instructional technologies higher education institutions use to support student success.

Before joining the Invoke Learning team, John earned his MBA with a concentration in Data Analytics from the University of Southern Indiana in 2019 and served for 9 years at Instructure, Inc. – best known for developing the Canvas LMS. As Senior Director of Solutions Engineering for higher education, his contributions towards the early establishment of a customer-centric culture directly influenced a reputation that would ultimately catapult the company into a market-leading position.

From 2004 to 2013, John held numerous technical and customer-oriented leadership roles at Echo360 and ANGEL Learning (acquired by Blackboard in 2009). Looking back even further, he developed his technical foundation and his passion for data and analytics as an ERP systems consultant and entrepreneur.