Welcome EDUCAUSE 2021 Attendees!
The 1980s belong on your shelf, not in your data center!

Interested? Let's meet at EDUCAUSE 2021 in Philadelphia, October 27-28! Come to Start-up Alley, S5, and we’ll show you how to move from an 80s data approach to one that can help ensure success across today’s full student journey.  

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Why Invoke Learning and                           ?
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We provide an advanced-analytics solution for higher education that helps you ensure the best possible outcome for each and every student. We combine academic and public data with artificial intelligence to provide personalized and unique institutional insights that positively impact the full student journey - enrollment, retention, engagement, and DEI - all leading to better student success. With our                           and full range of supporting solutions, we'll meet you where you need us. 

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Come talk to one of us and enter to win an 80s Commodore 64! Commemorate your evolution with a piece from the past (who wouldn’t want that?).

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Lige Hensley

Founder / CEO

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Brendan Aldrich




If you want to learn more before the show, or can’t make it there, schedule a personalized session below with our co-founder Brendan Aldrich. He’ll be counting on you to wear your big hair, mullet, leg warmers, and high waisted jeans. (Actually, Brendan asks that you don’t, for obvious reasons.)


If you do have the chance to talk to Brendan, ask him about the connection between Philly's LOVE Park (pictured above) and Invoke Learning's home base of Indianapolis.  

We're Here to Help!

These are challenging times and every student needs help right now.

Invoke Learning is doing our part and has special offers for higher education.  Contact us for more information!