Track Progress Towards Your Enrollment Goals Every Day


Get in touch about Enrollment Tracking.


Enrollment Tracking is one of six solutions from Invoke Learning, enabling schools to proactively act on opportunities to enhance student equity and access across the institution. 


With national declines in enrollment in this new normal, data science is more important than ever to better understand your student needs, and our enrollment tracking solution can quickly and easily unlock never-before-possible insights that will lead you to actionable results.


Let us explain how we’re deploying this solution with FootHill-DeAnza Community College in CA, and then discover your ideal enrollment path to achieving goals.

Invoke Insights:

Enrollment Tracking

  • Create an ideal enrollment path to funding goals

  • Daily progress to enrollment goals

  • Track actual enrollment against every student cohort

  • Use projected enrollment to forecast through registration

  • Insights to attaining the desired enrollment population

  • Information at a demographic level

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