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Now Raising $3M Seed Funding Round

Invoke Learning is a revolutionary behavior-based AI for education.

Invoke Learning is now actively pursuing a $3M seed funding round of investment.  This page provides information for potential investors. Contact us and learn how you can become a part of transforming how colleges and universities supercharge their strategic goals with "Data That Works"

Lige Hensley



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Brendan Aldrich



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The Problem:

Complex Problems Have Complex Solutions

Colleges and universities are complex organizations tasked with the education of students who are equally complex in their needs and activities.


Researchers, analysts and vendors in higher education have spent decades looking for “silver bullet” solutions that will magically improve recruitment, enrollment, retention, course success, graduation rates, and more.


Why would we ever have thought that there were simple solutions to such complex problems?


The truth of the matter is that each simple solution has proven costly or problematic and delivered results that typically failed to help move the needle in these critical areas. It is time for a change.

Artificial Intelligence promises a revolutionary new way for higher education to derive groundbreaking insights, but most vendor solutions in the space are now failing at higher rates than ever before.


A mistaken notion that transformational insights can be derived from a ridiculously small amount of raw data extracted from just a few sources. An approach that, even when the data is aggregated across a larger number of institutions, is ultimately providing colleges with very little actionable intelligence to show for their investment.


The Solution:

Invoke Learning

Invoke Learning has created a unique AI-driven approach to data that allows institutions to, for the very first time, easily and comprehensively leverage absolutely everything in their data ecosystem to unlock the specific behavioral factors affecting students, staff, and organizational activities.


Co-founded by higher education executives Lige Hensley and Brendan Aldrich, Invoke Learning is surpassing every expectation to fulfill a simple promise: Give every college and university

“Data That Works”.

  • Don’t stop with just your Student Information and Learning Management Systems

Invoke Learning incorporates every kind of data a college may wish to use: Course Scheduling, Degree Planning & Degree Audit, Advising, Facility Utilization, Wifi, E-mail, Housing, Advancement and more. Even publicly available curated data sets including Weather, Traffic, National Institute of Health, Bureau of Labor Statistics and others.

  • Say Goodbye to Long Implementation Timelines

When working with a new vendor, institutions routinely spend 6-12 months trying to make their data work in applications written for someone else. Invoke Learning uses a completely new AI-driven approach that allows colleges to leverage every last bit of their data in just weeks.

  • Unlock Behavior-Aware Data Insights

A college’s “raw” data doesn’t include the complex metrics used every day to guide the institution. Invoke Learning not only includes these, but ramps things up even further with hundreds of “designed from higher education” behavioral data models. Our AI can detect student, staff, and organizational behaviors in your data and surface them so that action can be taken when - and where - it will do the most good.

  • Collaboration-Enabled

Why be satisfied with any application that only attempts to solve one problem? Invoke Learning offers a workspace where colleges can leverage data to solve a virtually unlimited number of problems across the entire spectrum of higher education. Even better, institutions can transparently collaborate with other departments – even other colleges – to discover insights that matter across even differing data systems!

  • Advanced Security

To fully protect client's data, Invoke learning not only complies with the highest standards for technical security, but also isolates each college's data in an entirely separate data space, an approach called "single tenant architecture". This provides an additional level of security not often provided by other vendors and allows Invoke Learning to quickly deliver solutions tailored to the needs and vocabulary of each client institution.

  • Highly Cost-Effective

Our founders, Lige and Brendan, have each spent nearly a decade working within higher education and are intimately familiar with driving groundbreaking changes on modest budgets. Invoke Learning has designed the entire platform to operate for an institution at less than the cost of a single headcount.


11 Reasons to Invest in Invoke Learning

We get it...

There are many different reasons that you might choose to invest in one company over another. Here are eleven of the reasons (because why stop at ten?) that we believe show

Invoke Learning is the company, the team, and the idea that will have

the kind of impact that's worth putting your money behind. 

   1. Founder’s experience

Founded by two experienced higher education executives with a history of creating groundbreaking data solutions for higher education that have won national and international awards

   2. Disruptive technology

Invoke Learning has created a brand new AI-driven approach to data that solves for the bottlenecks, bandwidth constraints, high costs and low returns experienced by colleges attempting to solve operational and strategic challenges through data

   3. AI behavior models

Invoke Learning seamlessly derives complex student, staff, and organizational behaviors from an institution’s entire data ecosystem to quickly and easily focus on the specific factors that will help them achieve their goals

   4. Now in operation

Invoke Learning is not just an idea. The company raised a $1M+ “Friends & Family” round of investment during late 2018 and has a core team of four employees working out of our offices in Indianapolis, IN.  The MVP is done, customers are on-board and we already have paying customers... All in less than 9 months

   5. Positive responses

Over 97% of initial conversations with prospective customers are resulting in second and third calls progressing towards new deals

   6. Available to purchase

Primary development of the platform was completed in June 2019.  It's a total cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution using cutting edge technology

   7. Paying Customers

Invoke Learning’s platform is being actively deployed at several organizations within the United States (and we expect to close a few more by calendar year end)

   8. Deployment Speed

While most companies working within higher education are used to a 6-12 month deployment timeline, Invoke Learning can be deployed to a new institution within weeks. Faster deployments allow us to ramp up the total number of customer agreements more quickly

   9. Ease of use

Invoke Learning’s platform makes the complicated easy for everyone in higher education.  Even non-technical employees can use the advanced AI techniques to find the critical information they need to improve operations and support student success

   10. International

While Invoke Learning has not actively marketed to international institutions, we have received interest and are having continued discussions with higher education institutions in Denmark, Finland, Mexico, UAE and Russia among others

   11. Growth potential

Invoke Learning has a revolutionary Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product that solves common higher education data issues. It can be deployed within weeks (not months) and provide transformative insights that are not possible from competitors in the space. Growth potential is virtually unlimited


The Founders

Invoke Learning was founded in late 2018 by Lige Hensley and Brendan Aldrich after each had spent nearly a decade working as executive administrators for some of the largest city and state college systems in the country. Their groundbreaking uses of data and AI have won a number of national and international awards. As a result, they are often invited to provide keynote addresses and workshops at conferences around the world.

Invoke Learning takes their work to a completely new level.  For the first time, colleges and universities will be empowered with the ability to quickly and easily leverage their tremendous data assets to discover the kind of student, staff, and organizational behaviors needed to finally drive real and persistent change.

Lige Hensley

Lige is Co-Founder and CEO of Invoke Learning.  An alumni of the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Lige has repeatedly created transformational opportunities through the innovative use of technology across multiple industry sectors before becoming the Chief Technology Officer of Ivy Tech, Indiana’s statewide community college, in 2010.

During his eight year tenure in this role, Lige built and led one of the most effective information technology teams within higher education, becoming one of the early leaders in digital transformation for higher education.

Brendan Aldrich

Brendan is Co-Founder of Invoke Learning and the Chief Data Officer in the Office of the Chancellor for the California State University, the largest and most diverse system of 4-year higher education in the United States. A cross-industry data innovations specialist, Brendan has also held roles as the Chief Data Officer for Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana and Executive Director of Enterprise Information Management for the City Colleges of Chicago.

A recognized advocate of the "data democracy" movement within higher education, Brendan's data modernization and innovation initiatives have empowered thousands of employees across numerous city and statewide institutions with intuitive, relevant, and interactive data.

In recent years, Lige and Brendan have earned numerous national and international awards for their work in data within higher education including:

  • Amazon Web Services 2018 City on a Cloud "Dream Big" Award (Honorable Mention)

  • Gartner's 2017 Data & Analytics Excellence Award for Self-Service Analytics

  • Hitachi Vantara's 2017 Excellence Award for Social Impact

  • Campus Technology Magazine's 2014 Innovators Award for Administrative Systems.