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Enabling schools to proactively act upon opportunities to enhance student equity and access across the institution

The First DEI Solution for HIGHER EDUCATION

Modern institutions of higher education can inadvertently create barriers that limit opportunities to students of color, LGBTQ and non-binary communities and disabled students, among others. Many colleges place a great deal of focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion in order to eliminate these barriers and provide the benefits of education to every student.

Invoke diversity, equity, and inclusion is the first solution designed to specifically provide proactive insights and analytics around DEI issues, allowing schools to quickly identify, react, and resolve these issues for students and ensure equal opportunity for everyone.

Identify potential diversity, equity, and inclusion concerns

Diversity, equity, and inclusion issues can prevent institutions from fully realizing strategic goals around enrollment, retention, success, and graduation.

Quickly identify the issues affecting your students so that positive, proactive action can be taken before these challenges negatively impact your students.

Learn what is important to your students

What kind of assistance students require can vary dramatically based on need. In addition to academic performance, there are socio-economic, socio-emotional, and cultural factors in play as well. 

Invoke diversity, equity, and inclusion brings these needs to life and allows schools to quickly and appropriately engage with students where they are.

Improve economic and educational opportunities

Institutions often have wraparound services available for students that need them, including counseling, food pantries, and even financial support resources. Often times, however, the students who need these services are not always aware how they may access or use them.

Invoke diversity, equity, and inclusion helps schools better identify and message students who may need these services in order to improve economic and educational outcomes.

Discover new social, academic, and societal benefits

Just as ripples spread out when a pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects. Having deep insights into student needs relating to diversity, equity and inclusion gives schools a brand new ability to proactively address and resolve challenges quickly.

Invoke diversity, equity, and inclusion can also help uncover completely new social, academic, and societal benefits that can extend the impact of these students deeper into the greater community.

No Personally Identifiable Information Needed or Required!

The safety and security of student information is of primary importance when working with a partner.

Across all of our solutions, Invoke Learning does not need or require ANY personally identifiable information in order to empower your institution with these critical insights. With simply a unique identifier of any kind, institutions can link the results back to their own data for intervention and action!

We're Here to Help!

These are challenging times and every student needs help right now.

Invoke Learning is doing our part and has special offers for higher education.  Contact us for more information!

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