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Obtain advanced insights into comprehensive student engagement to finally understand "whole student" engagement like never before

Increased ENGAGEMENT Leads To Successful OUTCOMES

Helping every student be successful requires a deep understanding of what each student needs. One of the earliest indicators that a student may not be successful is reduced engagement with their coursework, instructors, and even other students. Early identification and appropriate interventions are key to this success.


Invoke engagement is the only solution that provides a multi-dimensional view of individual student engagement compared to others and how this engagement changes from day-to-day over the course of the term.

Identify students struggling in online distance learning

We use hundreds of data points in order to create a very specific "fingerprint" of both traditional and behavioral engagement for each and every student.


This can then be compared to other students in the same section, course, discipline, department, and institution to easily pinpoint positive and negative changes, allowing institutions to act immediately.

Learn what approaches re-engage most successfully

When it comes to engagement, you can't wait weeks for the insights you need.  It's important to act now, before students get too far off course.

We renew our engagement fingerprint for each student every day... and then track those changes over time. Enabling you to act quickly, correctly, and positively.

Monitor stress & anxiety within the campus community

Excessive levels of stress and anxiety can be disruptive to student engagement and success, but surveys take too long and aren't helpful in determining which students could benefit most from appropriate interventions.

Analysis of shared content, such as discussion boards, facilitates a fast and accurate assessment of student stress and anxiety levels every day!

Discover "top-of-mind" campus topics in real time

Students are complicated.  What's important to one student or group may not resonate with another, making it difficult to stay in touch with what's important to each student.

Invoke engagement helps you discover what key topics and themes are important to each of your student populations and groups!

No Personally Identifiable Information Needed or Required!

The safety and security of student information is of primary importance when working with a partner.

Across all of our solutions, Invoke Learning does not need or require ANY personally identifiable information in order to empower your institution with these critical insights. With simply a unique identifier of any kind, institutions can link the results back to their own data for intervention and action!

We're Here to Help!

These are challenging times and every student needs help right now.

Invoke Learning is doing our part and has special offers for higher education.  Contact us for more information!

Welcome to NEXT GENERATION insights

Invoke Learning solutions are powered by the industry's first Education-Focused AI

allowing colleges and universities to quickly adopt innovative solutions that finally

use all of their data to find and act on never-before-possible insights. 

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