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Provides targeted insights to boost your student population and successfully convert more of your applicants into enrolled students

Improve ENROLLMENT By Understanding Student Needs

When deciding where to enroll, students choose a college or university for many different reasons - and those reasons often depend on more than just academic performance. How a college markets, recruits, engages, and interact with prospective students can make all the difference. Isn't it about time you had a deep understanding of why each student chooses (or doesn't choose) to attend your institution?

Invoke enrollment provides game-changing insights into the student enrollment funnel that empower colleges and universities to reverse dropping enrollment trends and grow overall student population term-over-term and year-over-year.

Identify which recruiting activities work the best

Colleges and Universities engage in dozens of recruiting activities each year in order to engage, inspire and encourage students to enroll at their institution. But not all activities are equally useful.


Learn which activities are contributing to enrollment success and which may be working against your efforts to increase enrollment for students at your institution.

Learn how to enroll the students you want

In a selective enrollment environment, competition for students that will excel within your programs is high and each student will make their enrollment decision including factors that don't show up on a traditional application.

Quickly leverage a variety of public data sources to deepen your understanding of incoming student needs and target your messaging for each student like never before!

Maximize the return on your marketing investments

Marketing the culture and benefits of your institution is key to increasing enrollment. But marketing that doesn't resonate with your prospective students can not only decrease enrollment, but increase the number of students who may not consider you in the future.


Personalize and focus your marketing dollars so that you are delivering the right enrollment message to every prospective student.

Discover your institution's most effective enrollment strategies

Over time, some enrollment strategies will remain effective while others will become dated and out-of-sync with the needs of future students. Knowing which strategies are working and which need to be replaced can be a daunting task.

Ensure your strategies are relevant and engaging to your students now, increasing the efficacy and success of your recruitment programs.

No Personally Identifiable Information Needed or Required!

The safety and security of student information is of primary importance when working with a partner.

Across all of our solutions, Invoke Learning does not need or require ANY personally identifiable information in order to empower your institution with these critical insights. With simply a unique identifier of any kind, institutions can link the results back to their own data for intervention and action!

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allowing colleges and universities to quickly adopt innovative solutions that finally

use all of their data to find and act on never-before-possible insights. 

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