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Empower teams with proactive, leading indicators highlighting exactly which non-graduating students are likely to stop out or drop out and why

Boost RETENTION By Understanding Student DIRECTION

Student retention, both term-over-term and year-over-year can feel like a challenging endeavor, but is a critical component to achieving increased graduation rates. Most retention efforts, however, tend to focus on reaching out to students who have already elected not to persist as opposed to identifying and engaging with students before that decision is made.

Invoke retention can identify students at risk of not being retained for the next term early enough that institutions can enact plans to support and increase participation way before the end of the current term. Use leading indicators to proactively improve student retention right now!

Identify students struggling in online distance learning

Spring 2020 saw every student switched to online and distance learning as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, many of which for the first time.


With many colleges and universities electing to remain fully-online or in a hybrid modality, ensuring that these students succeed and are retained successfully is a higher priority than ever. Invoke retention will help you identify struggling students early enough that interventions can be successful.

Learn what approaches re-engage most successfully

Proactively communicating with students who may not return greatly enhances their potential to persist. Now it's time to ensure you're using the right methods and approaches to drive that conversation.

Invoke retention provides a deep understanding of exactly which approaches are most successful for each student so that you can accelerate your retention efforts successfully.

Target retention efforts to those that need them most

While it can be useful to market and communicate retention efforts to large portions of the student population, smaller and more focused approaches that address specific student needs and concerns can be far more effective.

Invoke retention highlights which students are most at risk for not being retained so that outreach can be personal and relevant for every student.

Discover activities that may be driving students away

While every effort is used to ensure that retention activities are supportive, it's inevitable that some of these activities will have the opposite effect on some students.

Invoke retention allows you to more fully understand which activities will resonate best for students and result in higher levels of student retention and persistence.

No Personally Identifiable Information Needed or Required!

The safety and security of student information is of primary importance when working with a partner.

Across all of our solutions, Invoke Learning does not need or require ANY personally identifiable information in order to empower your institution with these critical insights. With simply a unique identifier of any kind, institutions can link the results back to their own data for intervention and action!

We're Here to Help!

These are challenging times and every student needs help right now.

Invoke Learning is doing our part and has special offers for higher education.  Contact us for more information!

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