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Dive deeply into academic activities, performance, and behaviors to reveal what each student needs right now to be successful in their classes


There are many reasons why students may not be positioned for success near the start of the term, including substandard academic activities, performance, and behaviors in addition to academic policies relating to financial aid and availability of course materials.

Invoke student success empowers institutions with an unparalleled ability to understand which students may not be performing successfully and why.  Often within as little as the first week or two of the term, providing ample opportunities to appropriately intervene and get students back on the path to success.

Identify struggling students within days of class start

When it comes to student success, the key is moving quickly. The further a student gets into the term, the harder it is to positively impact their ability to succeed.

Invoke student success provides a comprehensive view of student, staff, and organizational behaviors that may be affecting student success within just days of the start of the term.

Learn reasons why students are not likely to succeed

There are many reasons why students may not succeed in a course, and not all of them are under a student's control, such as financial aid and course material availability.

Invoke student success evaluates student performance and behaviors in addition to other organizational processes that may be having a detrimental effect.

Focus advising resources where they are needed most

Advising resources are often stretched thin, with many institutions carrying anywhere up to a 1:1,800 ratio of advisors to students.


Rather than focus solely on new students, it's critical that advisors are given the best information possible so that they can reach the students in need of the most help right now.

Discover new and effective ways to support students

Colleges and universities often have many wraparound services available to help students through difficult times, but these are dependent on those students knowing about and taking advantage of these services.

Invoke student success will help you target these services directly to the students who need them and unlock even more new avenues of support.

No Personally Identifiable Information Needed or Required!

The safety and security of student information is of primary importance when working with a partner.

Across all of our solutions, Invoke Learning does not need or require ANY personally identifiable information in order to empower your institution with these critical insights. With simply a unique identifier of any kind, institutions can link the results back to their own data for intervention and action!

We're Here to Help!

These are challenging times and every student needs help right now.

Invoke Learning is doing our part and has special offers for higher education.  Contact us for more information!

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