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What is the InvokeEngagement?

InvokeEngagement the first tool that enables you to analyze and understand how students are engaging at your institution.  It allows you to easily find students whose engagement is not comparable to their peers and therefore may be in need of additional assistance.  Also, with our advanced language analysis, you can measure stress levels of the student body along with topics of concern.  Plus a whole lot more!

How it works?

InvokeEngagement uses the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence that have been customized specifically for Higher Ed.  Rather than make assumptions on what engagement patterns should be, it dynamically develops what the best engagement is for your institution.  


Stress Analysis

InvokeEngagement uses powerful natural language processing technology to track stress markers in social media, discussion boards and other public forums.  Imagine being able to track stress levels across all of your students, every day.  Now you can!

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Cost Effective

Cutting edge technology is no longer reserved for tech startups or online retailers.  InvokeEngagement is priced to fit into any Higher Ed budget.  This is the fastest ROI out there.  Let us show you!

Learn More!

Sound interesting?  Learn more about InvokeEngagement by accessing our product overview. To To see InvokeEngagement in action, read our Foothill-De Anza College District case study on how they used InvokeEngagement to uncover not only what was happening during the CODID-19 Pandemic, but why

Or even better, click below to schedule an introduction with one of our representatives and see for yourself!

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