Improve enrollment through Artificial Intelligence

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What is the InvokeEnrollment?

InvokeEnrollment is a cutting-edge analysis tool that allows you to fully understand your enrollment, what is motivating students to enroll, what activities are working and more importantly, what it takes to improve your conversion numbers.

How it works?

InvokeEnrollment uses the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence that have been customized specifically for Higher Ed.  It automatically includes data you've never considered before such as social media, socioeconomic factors, weather, crime, traffic and much more.  From these diverse sources, you can understand what is motivating students in a much more comprehensive way than ever before.

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Fast Results

It's not uncommon for enrollment professionals to spend a whole lot of time understanding the nuances of their institutions enrollment patterns.  


InvokeEnrollment gives you that time back.  What used to take months or years can be done in minutes.  You read that correctly, we said minutes!

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Cost Effective

Cutting edge technology is no longer reserved for tech startups or online retailers.  InvokeEnrollment is priced to fit into any Higher Ed budget.  This is the fastest ROI out there.  Let us show you!

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InvokeEnrollment Product Overview

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