Data Without Data Management

The Issue of Data Without Data Management

How much data is created and collected by higher education institutions every day? And what happens when this amount of data is not properly managed?

In this modern age, where people spend countless hours using the internet or scrolling through feeds on social media platforms, we experience data everywhere. More data is used now than at any other point in history, and that continues to be true as technology becomes more advanced.


It is estimated that in 2020 every person created around 1.7MB of data per second or a little over 146GB per day per person. 

Higher education institutions are generating, storing, processing, and protecting more data today than at any other point in history relating to faculty, students, and other operations. 

What happens when all this data is improperly managed? 

Data Without Data Management

Data in higher education institutions is often siloed in various departments and platforms. It’s spread across Student Information Systems (SIS), Learning Management Systems (LMS), Advising and Student Success platforms, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, and many more. 

Since these systems don’t often communicate with each other, it’s hard to realize any value from all that data a college possesses, and it takes too much time navigating all of the different silos to make it practical. All that data sprawled across many different systems creates an underutilization of their most valuable and strategic asset, their data. 

But fixing this issue has historically been very difficult, cumbersome, and could require lots of time and money to do just once, much less in an ongoing fashion. 

How Data Management Can Make a Difference

Effectively managed data can yield many benefits for institutions that can properly collect, store, protect and process their already gathered information. Managed data can quickly answer mission-critical questions that can lead to better enrollment and retention rates, create opportunities for more effective marketing efforts, and improve graduation rates.

Data management that’s done well prioritizes building a team approach to data that continuously seeks input from a diverse array of departments within the institution. This team approach allows institutions to integrate all of their data tools into one shared area, potentially creating new discussions between different departments that drive more substantial student outcomes throughout the institution. 

It can give colleges and universities an advantage over other institutions with whom they may compete for students. 

Neglecting the institution's data puts colleges and universities at a severe disadvantage to other institutions. Many of the challenges colleges and universities face every day can only be tackled with the best information they can obtain, provided as quickly as possible. 

Areas like recruitment, retention, and admissions are all places that can take their work to another level with managed data that breaks down silos and empowers these teams with insights that have never before been possible.

The Clear Solution to Data Management: The InvokeClarity™ Data Lakehouse for Higher Education

With InvokeClarity™ data management is made simple. With our InvokeClarity™ ​​​​​​​solution, Invoke Learning brings colleges and universities the most advanced data lakehouse designed specifically for the needs of higher education. 

This data lakehouse combines all of the benefits of a data lake and a data warehouse giving higher education institutions clarity on where to find the data they need to answer mission-critical questions in seconds.

InvokeClarity™ manages all of your internal and external data and brings it all into one comprehensive location. The ultimate source of truth.

InvokeClarity™ brings all of your institution's structured or unstructured data to your fingertips, allowing you to spend less time looking for specific pieces of data and more time using that data.

Also, InvokeClarity™ can bring data together quickly with pre-built data connectors across most common higher education systems, which makes it possible to add a new system in just minutes!

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