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If you want the right insights, you need the best data


Welcome to InvokeClarity, the advanced data lakehouse (data lake + data warehouse) for higher education

Higher education leaders need answers to mission-critical questions now, but half-truths from partial data leave huge strategic blind spots. And waiting months or years to paint the full picture means countless missed opportunities for growth and student outcomes

InvokeClarity removes those blind spots in days.

Dazzlingly fast, secure, and cloud-based, our data platform for higher education finally brings all your internal and external data into one comprehensive location – the ultimate source of truth.

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Don't be limited by tradition...

Instead, manage your data with InvokeClarity for greater access and flexibility. 

Are you building trust or doubt?
  • Operational source system data changes constantly and reports show different answers at different times
  • Only cleansing data in the DW means reports are increasingly dissimilar from operational systems
Why DON’T we have that data available?
  • Most data warehouses only contain a fraction of an institution’s available information
  • Every data warehouse is only designed to answer questions we know are being asked
Did I ask for that?
  • It’s so complicated and slow to add new data, requesters will sometimes forget they asked for it by the time it’s delivered!
How long does it take?
  • IT and Research teams dedicated to data are small and have limited bandwidth
  • TONS of time spent on reports that aren’t used 6-months later (interesting vs. useful)

 InvokeClarity is the only modern data platform that solves all of these challenges and creates completely new opportunities for higher education!

Say goodbye to complicated data models. We only deliver fast, relevant results.


Here’s how.

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Flexible Deployment

From a modern data architecture jumpstart to a fully managed solution, InvokeClarity is designed to support the needs and capabilities of your institution, no matter this size.

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Pre-built Data Connectors

Bring all your data together quickly with pre-built data connectors across most common higher education systems. Adding a new system can be done in just minutes!

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Automatically Enriched Data

Deepen all your analytics by leveraging enriched data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the National Institute of Health (NIH), US Census Bureau, and more…

What makes InvokeClarity unique?

Eight ways that our data lakehouse platform outclasses every traditional and cloud-based data warehouse available.

Multi-source analytics…without a single join

The groundbreaking model provides a full Student, HR, and Finance data warehouse—with just 16 comprehensive and self-contained tables

Answer never-before-asked questions

Queryable daily snapshots across hundreds of tables from all your source systems

Trend EVERY data element across time

All history is captured every day to enable comprehensive DoD, MoM, YoY analytics

Understand students at a deeper level

Data from an array of public sources is automatically included

Limit the frustrations of load failures

All source system table changes are dynamically identified and integrated

Enable self-service and access as wanted

Create and provision users, add data, create and drop tables, build data marts, other databases, and more

Avoid cloud partner lock-in

Invoke Learning fully supports all major cloud platforms

Your data is available when you need it

Daily, intraday, and real-time data loading capabilities

From the time we signed the contract to the time data started flowing into our data warehouses, it was literally up and running in 5 weeks. Most importantly, all the heavy lifting was done by invoke, and required very minimal reliance on existing staff – which was huge.”

Rick Smith, CIO, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine 

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine sees clearly

With numerous enterprise applications that existed as siloed tools with siloed information and each one with its own reporting capabilities, PCOM needed to start pulling data from multiple sources for executive reporting and analytics. The need for a data warehouse became very clear.

See how Invoke Learning provided PCOM with the platform they needed to start running analyses, generating reports, and deriving actionable insights, all in five weeks.

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Invoke Learning is the solution we need now to provide us actionable insights into our enrollment, engagement, and retention initiatives.

Pete Williams, Associate VP of IT and CIO, Butler University

Invoke Learning Results.


Client Retention Rate


Average months saved compared to deploying a traditional data warehouse


National and international awards and recognitions earned for colleges by Invoke Learning team.

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Secure. Holistic. Comprehensive.


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It’s Designed for Higher Education

Crafted by experienced college and university executives and a team of award-winning education technology innovators, these are the solutions designed for every higher education stakeholder: academic, financial, marketing, human resources, and more.

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Two Levels of Comprehensive Snapshots

Be ready to answer the questions that have never been asked. With two levels of comprehensive snapshots, your analytics have never looked better.

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Onboard New Team Members Faster

Train resources at breakneck speed with a groundbreaking data model that provides a full data warehouse in a handful of comprehensive tables. 

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Multi-Cloud Enabled

Keep your cloud investments aligned! This is the only advanced higher education data platform that’s easily deployed across all major cloud platforms.

What happens when higher education institutions get real answers to every burning question? 


Find out – and discover just how far you can go.



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