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We believe that higher education deserves solutions that make a real difference

Invoke Learning does just that. Even more, we work toward a future in which every educational institution is empowered to satisfy the unique needs, pace, and goals of all learners, everywhere.

Our History

Invoke-photos_0005_enrollmenttrack.jpgFounded by higher education tech innovators, Brendan Aldrich and Lige Hensley, Invoke Learning was created to answer one question, “How do we help every student, and every institution, succeed?”

The answer, of course, came in two parts…

The first part involved a complete redesign of complex 35-year old traditional data warehousing practices and technologies to create a platform that could quickly move beyond simple academic data and use a LOT more information to help draw a more complete picture of student and organizational needs.

This became InvokeClarity, the advanced data lakehouse designed specifically for higher education.

The second was building a new category of analytic solutions that would leverage that enormous volume of data to intuitively surface game changing insights that made a real difference in advancing students through critical moments of the entire educational journey.

This new suite of deep analytics applications and AI-enhanced dashboards are empowering institutions with never-before-possible data superpowers to improve enrollment, engagement, retention, and student success in addition to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Revolutionary solutions, designed for higher education. These are the solutions that drive real and meaningful change.

Welcome to Invoke Learning.

From the time we signed the contract to the time data started flowing into our data warehouses, it was literally up and running in 5 weeks. Most importantly, all the heavy lifting was done by invoke, and required very minimal reliance on existing staff – which was huge.”

Rick Smith, CIO, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine 

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