- Which students are likely to fail within the first two weeks
- What factors have the most influence on Student Success
- How to structure your personalized intervention approach

Student Success, Nurtured

You're always watching out for at-risk students. 


But some warning signs are almost impossible to see… until now

Higher education institutions are always watching students for signs they may be at risk. But even at their most vigilant, faculty and staff are only able to address what they ca see. Some warning signs are easy to miss.

InvokeStudentSuccess is your safety net. 

This deep analytics application looks at daily student behaviors to predict failure to reach outcomes (with striking accuracy) —alerting you early to intervention needs. 

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It’s like having x-ray vision into what students need

Intervene early and with exactly the right support 

  • Identify which students are likely to fail a course within the first two weeks.
  • Discover how to structure your personalized intervention approach.
  • Learn new ways to help students succeed - including factors that are not under the student's control.
  • Identify the support services that will help each student.
  • Learn what factors have the most influence on the prediction.
  • Identify unique motivators for student performance.
  • Focus advising resources where they're needed most.


What if you could intervene before students go off course?

With Invoke LEARNING, you can

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Understand What Students Need

Identify why students are struggling and take effective action!  Eliminate the guessing and get hard data on what your students need now to be successful.

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Identify Struggling Students Earlier

Using trailing indicators to understand why students have already failed is too late. InvokeStudentSuccess helps you Identify struggling students only days into the term.


Fully Support Each Student’s Needs

The pandemic has taught us that we must be prepared to support students in new, unexpected ways. Discover ways to support students and focus resources where they are needed the most.

Invoke Learning checked all the boxes and then some.

Rick Smith, CIO, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine 

Secure. Holistic. Comprehensive.

Everything engagement insights should be. Only with superpower accuracy.

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It’s designed for higher education

Crafted by experienced college and university executives and a team of award-winning education technology innovators, these are the solutions designed for every higher education stakeholder: academic, financial, marketing, human resources, and more.

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It’s whole-student focused

Includes a vast array of attributes, elements, metrics, characteristics, features, and behaviors drawn from public sources to go far beyond academic data and see the whole student.

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It’s fast and comprehensive

Simple interfaces built upon some of the most advanced and robust technologies available help you eliminate analysis “rabbit holes” and focus on the data that matters.

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It’s designed for anonymity

Analyze thousands of data elements to identify relevant cohorts and understand student behaviors without requiring the use of ANY personally identifiable information. None.

How many lives can you transform when you can see where students fail?


Find out - and discover just how far you can go



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