On-Demand Webinars


What is a Data Lakehouse and How Can it Transform Higher Education?

Join Mendocino College and Invoke Learning for this 30-minute webinar. Dave Johnston, Director of Information Technology at Mendocino College, will share highlights of their journey to modern data architecture. We’ll discuss how data lakehouses can transform higher education and provide an overview of how are they similar to and different from data lakes and data warehouses

Just Five Weeks To A Higher Ed Data Warehouse... Really?

The invoke learning approach to data is based on years of experience working as data and technology executives within some of the largest city and statewide college and university systems in the country. We’re thrilled to now share a solution that empowers higher education with completely new capabilities… in a fraction of the time and cost as a traditional data warehousing approach!

Is Virtual Learning Creating New Equity Gaps In Student Engagement?

Students can succeed at lower rates during virtual learning as compared to face-to-face instruction.  But is this effect more severe within specific student communities? Foothill College partnered with Invoke Learning to evaluate and quantify equity gaps in student engagement during virtual learning.