- Which students are most at risk right now
- When student stress levels are spiking - and why
- What to address in social & emotional (SEL) interventions

Student Engagement, Understood

Create a transformative connection with your students


InvokeEngagement™ is the first solution that delivers institution-specific answers

As student experiences shift between online spaces and on-campus instruction, it can be easy to miss the subtle behavioral indications that students may be in trouble.

InvokeEngagement supplies institutions with powerful insights early enough to make a real difference.

This AI-enhanced dashboard looks at hundreds of student, organizational, and behavioral characteristics each and every day to identify students who need help with eye-opening clarity.

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Don't Lose Time Hypothesizing...

Improve engagement with new data-driven answers.

  • What is top of mind for the student body?
  • How is virtual learning being utilized?
  • How do students feel about different social topics?
  • How does geography affect engagement?
  • Which cohort is the least engaged?
  • How are stress levels trending across terms?
  • Which devices are leading to the best engagement?
  • What is the most active time of the day for students?


See and understand your student body trends

 Get daily insights to respond in real-time

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Identify “Whole Student” Engagement

InvokeEngagement analyzes thousands of data elements to help you understand student behavior. Using a simple interface with a dashboard that’s updated every day, you can easily explore where that engagement may lead.

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Identify Student Stress & Anxiety Levels

How are students feeling at this point in the term? Take advantage of cutting-edge techniques and approaches to easily identify student stress and anxiety like never before.

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Monitor Topics Trending With Your Students

Go beyond simple word clouds and understand what’s trending across your student body with advanced natural language processing. Gain access to the entire range of key topics trending across student discussion board postings.

From the time we signed the contract to the time data started flowing into our data warehouses, it was literally up and running in 5 weeks. Most importantly, all the heavy lifting was done by invoke, and required very minimal reliance on existing staff – which was huge.”

Rick Smith, CIO, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine 

Foothill De-Anza Community College Knows

Using traditional metrics, Foothill De-Anza Community College determined there was a 4-5 percentage point achievement gap between face-to-face / hybrid and fully online courses in the 4 years leading up to COVID-19. 

As every student shifted online, see how Invoke Learning helped them identify what they were missing and why these outcomes were happening.

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Secure. Holistic. Comprehensive.

Everything engagement insights should be. Only with superpower accuracy.

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It’s designed for higher education

Crafted by experienced college and university executives and a team of award-winning education technology innovators, these are the solutions designed for every higher education stakeholder: academic, financial, marketing, human resources, and more.

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It’s whole-student focused

Includes a vast array of attributes, elements, metrics, characteristics, features, and behaviors drawn from public sources to go far beyond academic data and see the whole student.

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It’s fast and comprehensive

Simple interfaces built upon some of the most advanced and robust technologies available help you eliminate analysis “rabbit holes” and focus on the data that matters.

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It’s designed for anonymity

Analyze thousands of data elements to identify relevant cohorts and understand student behaviors without requiring the use of ANY personally identifiable information. None.

How high can you drive outcomes when every student is fully engaged?


Find out – and discover just how far you can go. 



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