- Which student groups may be understood and to what extent
- Opportunities for positive, meaningful intervention
- How to prioritize and structure new, data-driven DEI initiatives

Inclusive learning, Delivered

Create diverse and inclusive spaces without barriers.


Because every student deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Colleges and universities strive to make access and achievement equitable for all based on what we can see. But what if there’s more to the overall story - drivers of inequality that we can’t see?

InvokeDEI sees the patterns that humans don’t. 

This AI-enhanced dashboard cross-references demographics with hundreds of other factors in seconds, unveiling previously unseen connections that inform real, measurable, and meaningful interventions.

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See every student and hear their unique voice

Because meaningful change creates unlimited opportunities

  • Identify which student groups may be underserved (and to what extent).
  • Learn how to prioritize and structure new, data-driven DEI initiatives.
  • Incorporate socio-economic, socio-emotional, and cultural factors into your DEI equation.
  • See where and how engagement patterns indicate opportunities for intervention.
  • Thoughtfully identify disproportionate impacts to student communities.
  • Enhance economic and educational opportunities.

See and understand your student body trends

 Get daily insights to respond in real-time

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Enhance Student Equity and Access

Improve economic and educational opportunities when you better understand the different cohort characteristics across the institution.

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What’s Important To Your Student Communities?

Identify interests and concerns relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion across your student communities so they can be addressed positively and proactively.

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Address Disproportionate Impacts

There’s a difference between equity and equality when it comes to addressing disproportionate impacts in your student communities. Identify and quantify areas of concern so that you can focus DEI efforts where they will be most effective.

Invoke Learning has been exceptionally responsive. The time between our coming up with a new idea to a fully deployed solution seems to take no time at all.

David Ulate, Executive Director, Institutional Research and Planning Foothill-De Anza Community College District

Foothill De-Anza Community College Knows

Using traditional metrics, Foothill De-Anza Community College determined there was a 4-5 percentage point achievement gap between face-to-face / hybrid and fully online courses in the 4 years leading up to COVID-19. 

See how Invoke Learning helped them identify and quantify disproportionate impact as all students shifted online.

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Secure. Holistic. Comprehensive.

Everything engagement insights should be. Only with superpower accuracy.

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It’s designed for higher education

Crafted by experienced college and university executives and a team of award-winning education technology innovators, these are the solutions designed for every higher education stakeholder: academic, financial, marketing, human resources, and more.

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It’s whole-student focused

Includes a vast array of attributes, elements, metrics, characteristics, features, and behaviors drawn from public sources to go far beyond academic data and see the whole student.

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It’s fast and comprehensive

Simple interfaces built upon some of the most advanced and robust technologies available help you eliminate analysis “rabbit holes” and focus on the data that matters.

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It’s designed for anonymity

Analyze thousands of data elements to identify relevant cohorts and understand student behaviors without requiring the use of ANY personally identifiable information. None.

How effectively can higher education meet student needs when every student is seen and understood?


Find out - and discover just how far you can go.



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