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All Your Data. Enriched. Queryable. Together.

  • Bring on-premise and hosted data together

  • Learn how to leverage publicly available data

  • Faster results with immediately queryable structures

  • Discover the most secure data lake solution available

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Targeted Insights That Boost Enrollment

  • Enhance conversions from your enrollment funnel

  • Leverage public data to deepen your understanding of incoming student needs

  • Maximize the return on your marketing investments

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Boost Retention By Understanding Student Direction

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  • Retain students by learning what each student needs

  • Focus strategic efforts on likely non-returners

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Enable Success Before Students Go Off-Course

  • Identify unique motivators for student performance

  • Learn new ways to help students succeed - including factors that are not under the student's control

  • Focus advising resources where they're needed most

  • Discover support services that will help each student

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A Holistic Approach To The "Whole Student"

  • Detect student behavior changes that affect engagement

  • Real-time insights create opportunities to react impactfully

  • Detect changes in student stress and anxiety

  • Discover new possibilities to increase student engagement

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Track Progress Towards Your Goals Every Day

  • Identify progress to enrollment goals every single day

  • Learn which populations are under and overperforming

  • Improve enrollment numbers months before census

  • Discover your ideal enrollment path to achieving goals

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Enhance Student Diversity, Equity And Inclusion

  • Identify disproportionate impacts to student communities

  • Incorporate socio-economic, socio-emotional, and cultural factors into your DEI equation

  • Enhance economic and educational opportunities

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