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Invoke Learning provides leading-edge data platforms and analytic solutions that bridge the gap between the limits of today and your vision for tomorrow. These are the game-changing solutions that will help you understand your students.

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We deliver insights for the entire student journey.


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Replace your data warehouse with the advanced data platform designed for higher education.


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Boost enrollment and maximize ROI with targeted insights.

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Transform your enrollment strategies throughout registration with visual enrollment predictions each and every day.

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Increase retention with early insights into student needs.


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Uncover opportunities to powerfully engage the whole student.

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Empower students with the resources they need – before they go off course.

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See your students and enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

Data on a Mission

From our revolutionary data platform to our groundbreaking, education-focused analytics applications, Invoke Learning is committed to answering the toughest questions behind every mission-critical challenge. We come from higher education and our entire suite is exceedingly better, faster, and more effective than anything available today. What’s holding you back today from taking your mission further tomorrow? 

Find out – and discover just how far you can go.


What happens when higher education institutions get real answers to every burning question? 


Find out – and discover just how far you can go.



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